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Peace of Mind for Patients.

Clayworth Pharmacy offers the latest pharmacy medication management technology to help doctors keep our community healthier.

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Our Community Comes First.

Clayworth Pharmacy understands a healthier community starts with listening to our neighbors and offering better pharmacy options.

A New Approach

Innovative Medication Management

Happier patients, higher compliance, simplified medication management with the professional pharmacy experience and cutting edge technology that doctors can trust.

Trust, adherence & loyalty.

The key to a healthier community.

Unlike chain pharmacies, Clayworth Pharmacy was created and remains a community pharmacy dedicated to serve the health needs of the Castro Valley and San Leandro areas of California.

As with every community that grows and changes, Clayworth Pharmacy keeps pace by consistently upgrading to the latest technology for compliance, adherence and prescription customization.

Our personalized attention, however, has remained unchanged. Our pharmacists and store staff remain a friendly, trusted and reliable ally to help you be proactive and best manage your health conditions.


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The Smart Approach to Medication & Treatment

From preventative care to personalized medication, our goal is a healthier you.

Faster, more accurate prescription refills

With one of the most advanced pharmacy technologies in the Castro Valley, Clayworth pharmacy takes care of your prescriptions faster, more accurately and with less hassle.

More ways to order medications

Your medications, your way. Simply give us a call, fill out our online form or stop in for a visit to get started with filling and refilling your customized prescriptions.

Medication delivery

Don't waste time driving to your medications when you can have them come to you. Clayworth Pharmacy offers delivery service for your prescriptions in the Castro Valley. Please contact us to find out if you qualify for free, same day delivery in your area.

A synchronized life

Why settle for less when you and your family's prescriptions can be synchronized so that everyone you love has the medications they need when they need it. We work directly with your doctor to create a monthly package for you and your families medication so you can stop making multiple trips to refill your prescriptions.

Better packaging, period.

Our pharmacy offers error-free counting, labeling and sorting of your medications including the option to refill in advanced vial containers, multi-dose blister or strip packaging.

More ways to help your patients stay healthier.

Precise formulation

We can refill more than one medication in the same dosage and have full control of its strength.

Reduce sensitivity or allergy risk

Request medications with specific inner ingredients or flavors for patients with specific allergies or sensitivities.

Alternative medications

Your patients can start or stay taking medications difficult to find or discontinued formulas.

Specialized compounding

We specialize in compounding medications for pediatrics, hormone therapy, pain medication, eye drops and injectables.

Welcome Veterinarians

Our compounding service is also available to veterinarians. We offer custom dosage, formulation and packaging for animals large and small alike.

Adherence and compliance tools to meet the new state and national rating requirements.

Free consultation

Request a free consultation with one of our Concierge specialists to define the best plan for your practice.

Easy enrollment

Our specialists will help you define a process to enroll patients coupled with free literature, samples and instructions.

Comprehensive tracking

Our service will analyze your Physician Performance Star Rating and provide you with actionable data about what is working and what needs attention every three months.

Improve or maintain performance

We help you identify conditions where your patients struggle then offer alternative therapy methods to help you maintain or improve your adherence and compliance rating.

Personalized patient care included

Patients enrolled in the program will benefit with medication synchronization, advanced medication packaging, easy medication pickup and delivery, as well as, medication therapy management.

Sales, rental, consulting and personalized medical supplies.

Mobility medical supplies

Clayworth Pharmacy offers both sales and rental of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes to help you be as mobile as possible.

Quality of life medical supplies

Electrical medical supplies

We supply the latest technology in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators.

Environmental medical supplies

Our large stock of aerosol equipment, humidifiers and air purifiers are available to help improve your health through the environment around you.

First aid medical supplies

We work to provide you with high quality wound management supplies and first aid equipment so you can be prepared.

Standard and custom mix respiratory solutions.

Gas cylinder refills

We offer refills for oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air and liquid nitrogen.

Convenient gas delivery

Emergency and weekend medical gas delivery

Emergencies happen, when they do you can rely on Clayworth Pharmacy. Call us to schedule emergency, after-hours or weekend delivery of medical gas.

Convenient billing

Monthly billing rather than by delivery to accommodate multiple monthly deliveries and ensuring a structured payment schedule.

Daily medical gas delivery areas

Our daily deliveries of medical gas include Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Emeryville, Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, California.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday medical gas delivery areas

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we deliver medical gas to Hayward, Fremont, Newark, Union City, all of Santa Clara County, and San Mateo County Up to Highway 92, excluding San Mateo, California.

Monday / Wednesday medical gas delivery areas

Every Monday and Wednesday we deliver medical gas to San Mateo County at Highway 92 and North through San Francisco, California.

Every Tuesday / Thursday medical gas delivery

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we deliver medical gas to all of Contra Costa County, Dublin Livermore California.

Customized solutions for full CMS compliance.

eMAR consulting

Set your LTC facility a step above the rest. Our LTC experts will help you setup and run a complete eMAR system for full adherence, compliance, accuracy, synchronization and compounding for your LTC facility.

Reduce overhead and cost

In combination with our concierge and compounding services, our LTC facility partners reduce duplication, waste and medication error resulting in cost and overhead savings.

LTC Medicine Compounding

Our compounding service lets you offer LTC patients customized dosages, packaging, medication synchronization and specialty formulations.

Latest packaging technology

Our state-of-the-art packaging facility offers the best way to store, distribute and administer prescriptions. With error-free counting, labeling and sorting, patients can refill their prescriptions with advanced vial containers, multi-dose blister and strip packaging.

A community-oriented pharmacy since 1980

For 36 years, Clayworth Pharmacy has been the iconic corner pharmacy of the Castro Valley area.

With a commitment to remaining independent, Clayworth Pharmacy is able to offer better service through personalized attention, constant innovation and simply better products and services for both patients and physicians.

Clayworth pharmacy welcomes everyone to visit and discuss their health needs with our friendly pharmacists. We believe caring for our community makes us a better pharmacy.

Now, we are also one of the most advanced pharmacies in the area. By upgrading our medication refill technologies, we offer compounding, more prescription refill packing options, medication synchronization, long term and comfort care.

We are also expanding our services to physicians, long term care facilities and health professionals by offering a concierge program to simplify adherence and compliance.

Give us a call or stop by. We are sure you will find our pharmacy the most friendly and comprehensive place to partner with in managing your health needs.

Prescription refills, medication management, say hello.

We look forward to your visit.

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